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Echo Jumper

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Milk the Goat

The Echo Jumper is one of the most versatile pieces we carry. The soft and comfortable fabric makes it the perfect beach throw or nightie, and it's beautiful coloring and precise tailoring make it ideal for strutting the streets or a night on the town. It's elastic waistband allows a little extra room when you need it, and the side V on the shorts makes your legs appear longer and leaner. It's definitely one of our favorite pieces! 100% POLYESTER


SIZING NOTE: The fit is flexible and true to size. The Echo Jumper is suitable for all body types because of the elastic band and billowy drapping. If you are tall, I recommend going one size up for length!


ANOTHER SIZING NOTE: The size Tall-Small (TS) is a special size we created for our beautiful tall and slim Milkmaids who find it hard to find clothes long enough for them. The size TS is a size small, just longer in length!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: black and mint blue are for pre order only, all other colors are available now!