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Cooggee Lounge Around - Tie Dye

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Milk the Goat

Cooggee Lounge Around - Tie Dye: For all the music festival junkies, get your Rock n' Roll look here!!! Wear it with combat boots to the grass, or the after-After-party. Either way you're be smoking hot in this uber sexy, low-back, bum-loving romper. The Tie-Dye is handmade with a special Balinese process called Batik. Part of the magic is that every piece with be a little bit different, making each one unique and one of a kind. We like that!! ROCK ON!! ;-) 100% cotton


NOTE: MTG Logo necklace also shown in this look.


SIZING NOTE: The size Tall-Small (TS) is a special size we created for our beautiful tall and slim Milkmaids who find it hard to find clothes long enough for them. The size TS is a size small, just longer in length!

Funky Rainbow